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Wine Talk

When you are at a tasting, would you like to at least sound like you have some descriptive knowledge? Any time you are tasting wine there is a process to follow. First hold up your glass and look at the wine, then smell it, take a sip, then talk about it. Talk can help sort […]

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Ohio… The next Napa Valley?… Maybe?

More and more wineries are calling Ohio home. Could we be seeing a trend? With Lake Erie to the North and the Ohio River outlining the Southernmost part of the state, Ohio has prime grape growing weather. Add to that the proper mix of lake and river bottom soils and you have the unique properties […]

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The “New” American Pubs

Are you concerned that the local wineries are packed with only wine connoisseurs?  If you think only vino geeks, who know much more about wine than you are the only people that that visit wineries, well, don’t be intimidated.  WE live in wine country… Ohio wine country! That means there are plenty of experts more […]

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Away from the cold

We are getting a slow start to our Ohio winery interviews, however with the winter being such a cold one we needed a diversion and a warm up. We found it in a flight to Daytona Beach Florida for a week. We left the Saturday before the big ice and snow storm hit Northwest Ohio. […]

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Welcome to The Novice Winer

Who doesn’t enjoy tasting a great glass of wine?  How about combining that with finding a fabulous place that has created that wine?  There are wonderful wineries all over this great state of Ohio.  Join us on this adventure of discovery by checking into our site frequently. To start this first venue of,  I […]

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